Jules Bromley Resume

      Jules Bromley's music has been used on some of TV's most popular shows - Oprah Winfrey, Big Brother, Cold Feet, Waterloo Road, Top of The Pops, Child of Our Time, Richard & Judy are a few examples. He's been writing diverse and impacting music for picture for over 15 years, building on a professional background in dance production and remixing, which saw him earn widespread major label credits for a host of high-profile artists. His compositions range from ecclectic to epic, documentary to drama and much in between, with recent work airing on BBC1, BBC2, ITV, numerous Sky Channels, as well as C4 and Five, plus a whole host of satelite and cable stations. Most recently he's delivered tracks for Universal's latest movie trailer album and completed scoring a new commercial for Hedex, on behalf of Ogilvy and Mather.

Jules still works regularly with local musicians in the South Manchester area, be they local Emcees, singers or session musicinas, and is always keen to collborate on interesting projects.

http://www.trailermen.com for more details.
http://www.trailermen.com/showreel_flash.html to visit Jules' showreel.

Updated:  January 23, 2009

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