Edward Warren Bradley Resume

      I'm one of two singer/songwriters looking for musicians to help us put together a good country rock band.We've been singing together for 10 years and have a pop band,but want to get this project going. We've been playing our instruments for a long time. I'll play drums and Brett will play guitar in the new band. Brett and I have many songs that we've written over the years,but we want to do a lot of our favorite country covers,too.We've recorded a lot and if this band is right we will record with it.We have a few good bass players in mind ,so now we're looking for the right pedal steel player and fiddler. We'd like to find people who will bring folks out to hear them play their instrument as well as to hear the band.We want to play in the North Florida/South Georgia area for now and then see what happens.If this sounds like we're barkin' up the same tree,please contact me....thanks EB

Updated:  February 8, 2009

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