Ana Carina Sousa Resume

       Ana Carina Sousa has a Bachelor degree by the Superior Music School of Lisbon. Currently is taking a master degree in music education.
It was the first Portuguese to be accepted into the program "Erasmus", the Royal Conservatory of The Hague (Netherlands), where he studied with great teachers like Rien of Reed and Thies Roorda.
Since 2004 has a strong activity as a flute teacher.
Ana Carina Sousa was the principal flute of the Portuguese Opera Company orchestra: L'orchestra. Was a finalist from the youtube orchestra. She is a member of the musical trio “Iberic Soloists” and the repertoire is written by Portuguese composers of our century.
Ana Carina Sousa began her training in orchestra as 1st flute. With 12 years presented as soloist for the first time, with a piece for solo piccolo and orchestra.
In 1997 he was accepted into the ARTAVE wind orchestra, where she remained until 2001 as principal flute. On the following year was admitted in ARTAVE symphonic orchestra, playing as 2nd flute/piccolo and later as principal flute. She participated in the 1st and 2nd stage orchestra of the National Association of Vocational Education of Music and Art -APROARTE as 2nd flute soloist.
In 2001 she was selected to participate in the tour of the APROARTE Orchestra, as principal flute, participating in the "International Festival of Youth Orchestras of the World", held in the auditorium of the Symphony Orchestra of Berlin, Germany.
She worked with conductors like Marc Schuster, Ivo Manuel Cruz, Ernest Schelle, Juan Trillo, Christoph Millet, Roberto Tibiriçá, among others.
Attended master classes with Pedro Couto Soares, Eduardo Lucena, Vasco Gouveia, Vincent Prats, Avril Williams, Thies Roorda, Rien de Reeder, Felix Rengli, William Bennett, Dennis Bouriakov, Jaime Martin among others.
Receive a scholarship from the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.
Is often invited to play solo with orchestra.
Won the 3rd place in a competition in Portugal (2004).
Works as a freelancer, mostly as a piccolo in some Portuguese orchestras, such as "soloists Orchestra of Lisbon", "A2M", Portuguese Symphonic orchestra, among others. Was the first Portuguese selected to participate as performer on the "International Summer School of William Bennet," in London. Was invited to auditions in the "Concertgebouw Orkest" in Holland, to the post of piccolo.

Updated:  March 6, 2013

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