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      Beautiful and inspiring ambient music can help create inner peace. It can support personal growth, healing and alleviate pain, stress, anxiety, fears and insomnia.

I call myself an intuitive music therapist. Since 1980, I have been channeling keyboard music from composers in Spirit, and the Celestial and Angelic realms. Through the years I have tuned into individuals, groups of people, those in transition, events, lyrics, video productions and have brought through melodies that have had powerful effects.

My music has inspired artists and writers, increasing their creativity. Psychotherapists, Reiki and massage therapists find that it takes their work to deeper levels. I have discovered that autistic children are able to interact with these melodies. The passages of this new age music supports deep relaxation, and if used during meditation, it can take one on a spiritual journey.

Words are inadequate to describe the experiences my music offers. You must listen to it, allowing the notes to enfold you in their embrace. As background music, the effects are subtle. Intentional listening to this music with no outside interruptions, creates the most desirable effects.

By incorporating beautiful, soothing and relaxing music into our daily lives, we can experience joy, we can find inner peace and harmony with all that is. And most importantly, we can feel connected with our loving Creator, and one another.

I am indeed blessed to be able to offer this sacred gift to the World.

In loving service to all Creation,
J.Michele Bodine
Unniversal Peace Ambassador


A gift to the Soul...I turned the radio on Sunday by mistake, hoping to
listen to my customary tango show on the university
radio here in Manitoba, Canada. But to my surprise
there was an interview on. I realized it was not Saturday but Sunday.

A woman with the sweetest of voices was talking to the radio
host by phone from Hawaii, and in the background this music.
I remember it was snowing lightly and their words took
second plane as I became transfixed with the sound,
feeling suddenly elated, escaping into the landscape
surrounding me....becoming one of those snowflakes.
I felt transformed beyond description.
The next day tuning into normal music seemed to be void of meaning.
Nothing could sound like that.

Myself an artist, I had visions of glorious renderings of the gates of heaven or
simply the feeling of walking with my bare feet in the moist grass of dawn,
of wind blowing in my face and rolling hills green,
of flying above the clouds weightless.
My mind had no worries.
all I felt was love of the sweetest kind.

As the interview progressed I learned that her name is
Michele and that she channels this wonderful music.
At first I did not understand this concept fully.
She explained that she has a gift to be able to listen
to what others is secret. She hears these melodies,
yet can not remember it afterwards or repeat the experience.

This music needs to be discovered by others and used in hospitals,
schools, prisons. It needs to be used to comfort the suffering and dying,
to calm the violent, to soothe body, mind and soul. There is hope,
there is love. There is God. She brings this message to all of us.
Music that is filled with this power of transformation can cure.
It can bring joy. It is art at it's most purposeful point,
at the utmost point of brilliance.
No other intention is present but to carry that energy,
the boundless all encompassing love of our Creator down to us here on earth.

How full of hope this should all make us feel!

Praise to Michele for her generosity of spirit in having shared this gift with the world.
I hope her music traverses all boundaries to create bridges in which people will fell closer to each other.
This music can become a healing tool for an ailing world.
There is now I know a star in the firmament glowing with love.
Gabriela Lasko,
Artist, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.


I love your soothing music.
The world really needs soothing sounds like this; these daze especially.
Thanks for being the hope of humanity.

David Tree Spirit Flutes-Musician
United States

Dear Michele
I greet your soul!!!
You are attuned with the universal Sound!!!
Thank you for bringing light to others path & lives...
Beautiful music, beautiful energy & a lot of love you provide to us....
May all become auspicious & may all be blessed in all your activities & life...
I am sending you a lot of positive vibes...thank you for
allowing me to be part of your highly spiritual world...
Wanny Angerer Singer,New Delhi-India.


"To Michele"

Like a friend, offering a feather,
Like a rainbow, in a grey sky,
Like a smile, on a dark day !

Like a squirrel, seeding a forest !
Like a nightingale, weaving sky sound !
Like a lover, living life's worth !

You could open all doors,
See into every heart !
Hold every hand,
Into the bright future
Of the human kind !

So could I think of you,
And feel for you,
As a deep friend !

Updated:  February 5, 2009

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