Mehrdad Faryar Resume

      I started learning music when I was 8 in Folk, after 6 years, I started Flamenco guitar and after 2 years I performed 2 indiviual concerts and also , I played guitar with several bands and several musicians.
I learnt music all by my self and with the help of cds and Dvds ,like Masterclasses, Techniques of playing etc....
after 4 years of playing Flamenco , I changed my music style and I started Electric guitar ( I learnt E-guitar without any teachers), but the only one who helped me and guided me in a very suitable way was "Kaveh Yaghmaei"...
I had the expirenced of getting involved in a Modern orchestra ..
I started Composing and Arrenging 7 years ago and as a result of it,I composed and arrenged several songs for Iranian's singers .
I have one complete album but i didnt want it to relesed...
I have my instrumental solo album , and I still working on it, most of the songs are Rock and some of them are Prograssive Rock.

Updated:  February 26, 2009

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