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From Song of Solomon - for SATB and piano

An Immorality - for SATB and piano (words: Ezra Pound)

The Latest Decalogue - for SATB a cappella (words: Arthur Hugh Clough)

The Shrine of Kotje - for SATB and orchestra (words: modern African poets)

Songs from the Sanskrit - for SATB a cappella

Hermione: A Portrait - for SSA, clarinet and bass clarinet (words: Shakespeare "The Winter's Tale")

The Birds (arr. of Czech carol) - for children's voices, recorder and harp

March of the 3 Kings (arr.) - for TTB a cappella

Irish Carol (arr.) - for soprano and tenor soli, recorder, harp and SATB

Irish Carol (arr.) - for SSAATTBB a cappella with recorder obbligato

Les Anges dans nos Campagnes (arr.) - for TTBB a cappella

Mister Lear - for SATB and brass quartet (words: Edward Lear)

Four Canons for Three Voices - for mixed voices and piano (words: Thomas Hood, James Stevens, Rudyard Kipling, Maxine Kumin)

Three Romantic Madrigals - for SSATB a cappella (words: Thomas Moore, Charles Lamb, Leigh Hunt)

O Canada (canonic arr.) - for SATB a cappella

Motet: I Shall Remember - for SATB a cappella (words: Biblical)

Alleluia - for SATB a cappella

Overheard on a Saltmarsh - for SATB a cappella (words: Harold Munro)

Deep River (arr.) - for SSAATTBB and piano

The Lord's Prayer - for SATB choir, organ and piano

The Lord's Prayer - for SATB choir and organ

Le Chat - for SATB a cappella (words: Charles Beaudelaire)

Of Youth and Time - for SATB, youth and children's choirs, and 2 pianos (words: William Blake, Dylan Thomas, W.B. Yeats)

Three Pastoral Songs for 2-part treble choir and piano (words: Shih Wu, Carl Sandburg, Ogden Nash)

Gone Home (Songs of Myself #5) - for SATB in various arrangements (words: Lowell Hannah)

Roses and Silk - for treble voices and small orchestra (words: Amy Lowell)

Madonna of the Evening Flowers - for SATB and orchestra (words: Amy Lowell)

Missa Brevis - for SAB and organ

Nunc Dimittis - for SATB a cappella

Burning Seraph Eyes - for SATB a cappella (words: Aleister Crowley, George Russell, Siegfried Sassoon, Anne Bradstreet)

Ruri, Ruri, - Armenian Lullaby, for SATB a cappella (words: Ajan Syrian, Andrea Mellis)

Tumble Me Down - 6 duets for baritone and alto with piano (words: Robert Herrick)


The Dinner-Party - song cycle for soprano or tenor, clarinet, and piano (words: Amy Lowell)

Three African Songs - song cycle for tenor or soprano and piano (words: modern African poets)

Nightsong and Earthvision (Songs of Myself #1) - for soprano, piano, violin, and horn (words: Walt Whitman)

A Decade (Songs of Myself #2) - for medium voice, harp, synthesizer and viola (words: Amy Lowell)

Credo (Songs of Myself #3) - for mezzo-soprano, viola and piano (words: E.A. Robinson)

Prologue (Songs of Myself #4) - for soprano, flute, clarinet, piano, violin, and cello (words: John Masefield)

Gone Home (Songs of Myself #5) for soprano and piano (words: Lowell Hannah)

Two Twelve-tone songs - for alto and piano (words: Shelley and Shakespeare)

Three Songs on Poems of Robert Graves - for voice and tape

Four Arias from "Hypatia" - for mezzo-soprano and piano (words: Rowland Holt-Wilson)

Morning's Minion - song cycle for soprano and piano (words: G.M. Hopkins)

Touched by an Angel - Concert aria for soprano and orchestra (words: Maya Angelou)

Three Songs for Medium voice and Alto Recorder (or Alto Flute) (words: Maya Angelou, Canadian traditional, Jane Austen)

Four Arias from 'Hypatia' - for mezzo-soprano and piano (words: Rowland Holt-Wilson)

'O Canada' - canonic arrangment

Three Inevitable Songs - for mezzo-soprano, harp and viola (words: E.A. Robinson, Amy Lowell, Ezra Pound)

Two Songs after Christine de Pisan - for mezzo-soprano and harp

Lost Fairylands - Song set for mezzo-soprano, C flute and alto flute (words: Hillaire Belloc, Christina Rosetti, Lewis Carol)

'Stabat Mater' of Pergolesi, arranged for Soprano, Alto, Flute, Harp and Viola

Trapping Monkeys - for Medium-high voice and Piano (words: Gevorg Amin)


Rag-Sextet - for piano and woodwind quintet

String Quartet #1

Concert Piece - for flute and piano

Meditation - for cello and piano

Sonata for French Horn and Piano

Prelude and Meditation on Coventry Cathedral - for trumpet and organ

The Lonely Princess - for flute and guitar

The Lonely Princess - arrangement for recorder quartet and harpsichord

5-Part re-Invention - for recorder quartet and harpsichord

Piano Trio #1

Piano Trio #2

Toccatissimo! - for 2 pianos and percussion

LYS - Theme & Variations for piano, flute and cello

Holland Point Music - for soprano saxophone and marimba

Chinese Impressions - for erhu and guzheng

Saxophone Quartet #1

Dele Yaman, Refection on an Armenian Folksong - for string trio and optional reed instrument obbligato

Folksong Duets - for various treble instruments

Introduction and Dance of Qualified Joy - for harp, flute and viola

Dances for Camille - Suite for 2 pianos

Primavera II - for 2 Violins

Suite of Antique Dances - for flute, harp and viola (also version for flute, harp and hurdy-gurdy)

Sonata #1 - for violin and piano


5 Variations on a Theme of Violet Archer - for piano

Visions of Nothingness - Piano Sonata in 2 movements

Five Preludes - for organ

Six Improvisations - for organ

Chorale Prelude on 'Yigdal' - for organ

Suite for Elan - for piano

Fantasia on 'Ein' Feste Burg' - for organ

Chorale Prelude on 'O Sacred Head now Wounded' - for organ

Pastoral Suite - for guitar

Ballade - for piano

Pinocchio's Theme - for piano

Deep River Rag - for piano

5 Melodies - for erhu

Fugitive Horizons - for clarinet


Grade 7 Superstar - for junior band

Divertimento for Strings

Land of the Silver Birch / Huron Carol - for handbell choir

Suite of Orchestral Dances

Symphony on Chinese Folktunes "Jasmine" (Symphony #1)

Symphony #2 (in progress)

The Dawn Comes Up Like Thunder - Tone Poem for orchestra

Cantata for a Beloved Planet (in progress) - for orchestra, choir and vocal soloists

Madonna of the Evening Flowers - for SATB and orchestra

Concerto for Flute and Small Orchestra

Touched by an Angel - Concert Aria for mezzo-soprano and orchestra

Moments of Glad Grace - for Oboe and String Orchestra (also version for soprano saxophone)


Macbett - (Incidental Music for the play by Eugene Ionesco) for piano, trumpet, french horn, and percussion

Mademoiselle Fifi - chamber opera in 2 scenes, after the short story by Guy de Maupassant (libretto: Rowland Holt-Wilson)

Hypatia - A play with songs (play by Rowland Holt-Wilson)

A Sea Liturgy - (Incidental Music for the play by Gloria Sawai) for harp, recorder, SATB, synthesizer and viola

Lady from the Past - Documentary Soundtrack for tape

Aladdin - Ballet

Pinocchio - Ballet

3 Electronic Dances

Hundreds and Thousands - Chamber Opera for mezzo-soprano solo (words taken from the journals of Emily Carr)

The Weapons of the Weak - grand opera based on the history of Guatemala (libretto by the composer)

A Comedy for the End of Days - A play with songs (libretto by the composer)

The Illuminator - opera on the life of St. Gregory of Armenia (premiered April 4, 2017, Yerevan, Armenia)

Updated:  May 26, 2018

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