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  LIL'JOE B AND THE HOODOOS have been performing in the Central New York area for the past 10 years. Our forte is what we call URBAN BLUES. The BLUES except much more high energy and conforming to today's situations.
  In 2000 we came out with our first CD entitled " GOT MY REASONS. " This was an attempt to define our direction with our music. In 2002, our second CD, " OH NOW BABY ", did just that for us. We stayed with the blues but added to it. Our most recent release in March 2009, is a more defined and resolved style for our own type of blues. We call this CD " YA CAN'T DO THAT. "
  Hope you enjoy what you hear and feel free to comment, good or bad, all are important to my music.
  Thanks and peace..keep your MOJO high...LIL'JOE B

Updated:  March 4, 2009

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