Jamie Hodkin Resume

      JAMIE HODKIN- Canadas funkiest Hammond organist -Born and raised of a musical family, Jamie had the gift of absolute pitch. At three years old he would sing and play harmonies and was an integral part of the impromptu family jam sessions that would break out at nearly every family gathering. From age six, he was writing songs and started studied classical piano and theory until the age of eleven when his infatuation with the sound of the Hammond Organ he was hearing in popular music outweighed the sound of piano. His dad, a Jazz drummer and his mother, an educator decided to buy him one, not yet the B3, but a Hammond L100 with a Leslie Speaker. This was the sound he was looking for and Jamie continued studying with American Jazz Organ pros. James also has a love for the trumpet and played it for six years during school and continued afterwards throughout numerous recordings of original compositions that incorporated heavy horn based music integrating his own performances on Bass, Guitar, Saxophone, Hammond, Rhodes etc. Since the late 70's. Jamie Hodkin has played nearly 1000 gigs in every venue imaginable from clubs to concerts, and has been the Band Leader and Musical Director/Arranger in virtually every act he has regularly performed with during that 30 year period. Jamie's greatest love of music is composition and he has composed many styles of music including the musical arrangement, performance, production and co-composition of a full blown operetta in 1994.His real love is Blues and Soul music and James is considered by his peers to be one of if not the funkiest soulful B3 player in Canada. It was once published in the media, that “finding a white funky Hammond B3 player like Jamie Hodkin in Niagara Falls was akin to finding gold in the Niagara gorge” an incredible rarity. This was stated by James Brown's musical director Ronald Laster in an interview with an Osprey Entertainment writer. While Jamie has written several other albums more on the eclectic side, he now wants to focus on his specialty-Blues and Soul and plans to do just that in his latest creation in progress “Street Smarts” by the Big Bad Boogie Band.

Updated:  October 22, 2009

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