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The setting… Norfolk, Virgina.
The year…2004.
A young man fed up with the same tired doldrum of rap music he was hearing                 
decided to pick up a mic and do something about it.
  And thus the was the start of the enthusiastic tirade of the artist known as “VA”.
Growing up listening to such greats as JayZ, Ludacris, Outcast, Busta Rhymes, Bun B & Young Buck, only fueled his style and motivated VA to take his swing at hip hop even aiming at production, crediting his favorite producers like Dr.Dre, Timbaland, Knox, Pharell, RJB & Buccweet.                      
  One listen to tracks such as ‘Tear it up!’ and “Crash” will have any listener move like a hyperactive addict.
“I was in Norfolk one summer standing on the corner of Marinier and Reilly watchin Pharell and the Clipse film their “Grindin” video and at that one moment I knew that needed to be me.”.
“Such determination is what brought VA to complete his first debut album entitled
“Mr. Virginia”
VA’s style is complemented on collaborations with artists such as R&B singer ‘G”,
and another up and coming show stopper “T-100”.
It is this powerful teamwork that has formed “The Movement”.
“I believe that with a down to earth attitude, remaining humble and always staying hungry will guarantee your success in this industry.”

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Updated:  March 18, 2009

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