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       Plat-Num Plus Records was started in 2004. The label's focus are Hip-Hop/ Rap, R&B, and Reggae. Plat-Num Plus produces one of a kind music that please the listening ears of others. This has becomes Plat-Num Plus's signature and also places the label into a separate category. The music composed is made to help express, satisfy and please the mind of the listener. Plat-Num Plus stresses the quality of any music that it has a part of and promises to deliver every project with professionalism.

The first half of Plat-Num Plus is rapper/producer Dru. Over the time of producing, Dru has developed a unique sound that has set him apart from other well known producers. Dru has taught himself the art of producing, mixing, and composing his music. He also has a passion for composing background movie soundtracks and plans on also bringing the name Plat-Num Plus to the ending of a motion picture credits. His fascination with music has also allowed him to step out of the world of producing and into the world of rapping. With dedication and consistency, he has improved his lyrical content and now raps in confidence. Dru is determine on taking Plat-Num Plus Records to new heights.

The other half of Plat-Num Plus is rapper Neek. With his tenacious flows and his direct to the point lyrical content, he brings that swagg every label needs to become a successful and competitive label. At the age of 10, he jotted down lines from rappers such 2pac, Biggie, and Ice Cube and from there on experimented on his own. At some point in time, he lost touch of his art because of other influences that surrounded him such as reggae music. In 1999, he met Dru that help him to revive the lyrical fire that had been dormant for years and he has been focus and spitting from then on.

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Plat-Num Quote: “Live good, Live strong, Respect music…”

Updated:  March 31, 2009

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