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Mystic River is the most phenomenal duo in music history! Key & Taylor are one of those "few" in a lifetime groups who just have IT! Brooks & Dunn might make more money and win more awards, but can't touch Mystic River musically! Then again, we know Brooks & Dunn and few "DUOS" were truly DUOS, but really succeeded on the back of great bands and producers! Mystic River does it ALL by themselves and I would match them on any stage with anyone, any place, any time!

Mystic River radiates a mystical magic about themselves in their music and performance! They naturally exhibit an amazing synergy, feeling, sensitivity, and reading of each other. A "chemistry" and deeply heart warming harmony permeates their symbiotic vocal interweaving as well as their instrumental interplay.

The creation of their VIRTUAL BAND tracks or SEQUENCES adds up to 16 separate instruments throughout their songs. These backing tracks defy the listener to make "sense" of a duo generating this size and quality of music. These virtual recordings, they play in real time, one instrument at a time, keeps their performances organic and powerful. It further enables them to do material as diverse as The Moody Blues, through Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, to Chicago.

The greatest thrill is what Mystic River accomplishes with just two people on their originals. Rollin, Found A World, and Out on the Edge challenge the limitations one usually assigns to A DUO! It is clear taylor's greatest influences were The Moody Blues, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, The Eagles, CS&N, and Jimmie Spheeris...ONE of the greatest creators of truly original music!

There probably has never been a single female performer who is AS POWERFUL and "HOT" as key! I have seen her TURNED ON to a crowd and do things seldom ventured by Tina Turner or ANY other WOMAN in the BIZ! Key's incredible vocals and her violin-to-fiddle mastery makes her in my opinion one of the greatest stage performers EVER!

Taylor's songwriting and amazing arrangement skills are certainly critical to the SOUL of Mystic River! His mastery of guitars, keys, sequences, and vocals provides the perfect canvas for key's vocal, string, and dance inspirations!

Mystic River have performed close to 1000 performances over the last seven years. Those who know music,understand it is that kind of work, and forging in the furnace of constant performance, that turns a band into a SUPER-GROUP!

I cannot say who is the greatest group I have ever heard. I CAN say that Mystic River ~ key & taylor ~ are truly the BEST DUO I have heard in my life. More so, I believe their music will be LEGEND! Beyond Time!

Jay East - MusicwoRx Media 2008

Updated:  April 8, 2009

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