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“As I see it, as much as we strive to find reason and purpose in our having been born into this amazing, mysterious and awe-inspiring universe, that attempt is largely futile.  It is however, the best part of our nature that obliges us to make the attempt, though the most we can hope for is to gain some small degree of understanding of the world around us, and, more importantly, of ourselves.  To achieve this, we each approach the problem in our own way, uniquely shaped by our cultural background, innate talents and abilities, education and so on.   For some, science may be the window through which they best perceive and interpret the world, for others, religion.  For those to whom the world seems to express itself most clearly and beautifully through sound, music is the voice that speaks to us and through which we, in turn, best express ourselves.  Now, I can write notes that will make pretty music because I’ve been trained to do so – but the best of my music has arrived, rather inexplicably, as part of a personal effort to understand the world and myself.  It is, in a way, an act of translation.  The world says something, I try to understand it, and then translate it into musical language.  The particular musical language which I speak, is, of course, a product of my conservatory training and personal musical tastes, but hopefully, the outcome, imperfect a translation as it may be, will convey to others something of its original intent.”


The Snow Begins (Williams)
1975 sopr-pn 3 min
Earth and Sea (Eskimo text)
1975 sopr-pn 3 min
Preludes (Eliot) 1978
sopr-vn-vc 10 min
6 Songs (Yeats) 1983
sopr-pn 15 min
To a Child (Yeats) 1987
sopr-string quartet 20 min
Crazy Jane Sings (Yeats) 1999
sopr-fl-vn-va-vc-pn 25 min
Flowers (Williams) 2002
SATB-cello 18 min
Love Poems (Williams) 2003
SSAA 10 min
Trees (Williams) 2004
2 voices-2 cellos 15 min
Thinking of You (MacKenzie)
2005 sopr-vc-harp 7 min
Ariettas without words 2005
sopr-vc-harp 9 min
Scetate(Russo) 2005
In Their Flight (Doty) 2006
sopr-mezzo-vn-vc 6 min
Rilke Songs (Rilke) 2009
sopr-va d'amore-vc  6 min

6 Contrapuntal Pieces 1986
string quartet 20 min
For Laura 1987
string quartet 25 min
As Easy as 1,2,3 1987
string trio 10 min
The Beckoning Stars 2001
string quartet 13 min
Imaginary Dances 2001
violin solo 18 min
Short Stories 2003
vn-va-vc-db 18 min
Duo 2003
va-vc 9 min
Pavanne 2005
string orchestra 8 min
4 Reflections 2006
string orchestra 8 min
American Landscapes 2006
string quartet 24 min
The Four Elements 2009
viola solo-string orchestra 22 min
Ecstasy 2009
 viola solo  10 min
Transformations  2009
 viola de gamba 5 min

Three for Three 1992
vn-vc-pn 16 min
Civil War Songs 1992
va-pn 18 min
Take Five 1993
2 vns-va-vc-pn 25 min
Serenade 1999
fl-vn-va-vc 11 min
Distant Music 2000
cl-vn-vc-pn 20 min
Driven by the Wind 2001
fl-vc-pn 25 min
Nonet (for New York) 2002
winds/strings 35 min
Duet 2003
fl-vc 10 min
On the edge of sleep & dreaming 2003
hn-vc-harp 31 min
5 Pastoral Pieces 2004
ob-bn-vn-va-vc 30 min
dreaming of the sea 2004
vn (or fl)-vc-pn 7 min
Little Tales of Mirth & Woe
2004 vn (or fl)-vc-pn 6 min
Ode to Peace 2005
cl-vn-vc 15 min
Elements 2006
fl-ob-cl-hn-bn 11 min
Motet for Brass 2006
2 tp-hn-tb-tu 6 min

Appalachian Songs 1988
chamber orch 25 min
Morning Music 2001
cl-string orch 35 min
Two Sad Songs (Yeats)
2002 sopr-string orch 15 min
Invisible Ballet 2003
chamber orch 33 min
Pluto 2005
orchestra 15 min
Ophelia Songs (Shakespeare) 2005
sopr-hp-string orch 12 min
Love Also Has It's Little Pleasures 2008
sopr-string orch 15 min
Mystical Songs (Fernando Rielo) 2009
sopr-viola solo-string orch 18 min
Poems Against War in progress
solo voices, chorus, orch


Ophelia Songs (by One World Symphony)
Thinking of You (by One World Symphony)
Pluto (by One World Symphony)
The Four Elements (by violist Brett Deubner)
Mystical Songs (by Universidad Tecnica Particular de Loja)

Updated:  September 19, 2009

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