John Thomas Salzano Resume

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John's been playing for over 30 years. Born in Rochester New York as third generation musician. Played with Stan Mark and the Sin City Suitz, 8 years, Connie Francis, Freddie Bell, Dionne Warwick, Johnny Rivers, Bobby Blubae, Martha Reeves, Jerry Vale, and many top big bands.

Also, still working in Las Vegas and in Oregon /Washington but based out of Las Vegas.

John attended Cal Arts and the University of Las Vegas.

Tenor maddness review of John

“Salzano's tone is full-bodied, like tenors from the early period of jazz, with the freedom of Ornette Coleman,” said Phillip Wig, in a review of Salzano's performance at the Tenor Madness in Las Vegas.

John's uncle Ben Salzano is listed in New York's history of Jazz as one of those great players of the tenor sax. His dad, Joe Salzano, his brother Joe Jr. also has a great history of rememberable saxophone greats.

If you are looking for a player to give not only awesome music but the entertaining attitude for your band, give Johnny a call. Book early as he is traveling and working all over the US and on cruise ships this year.

Updated:  April 27, 2009

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