Michael William Andersen Resume

      Mr. Michael William Andersen, B.S.

522 E Rhea St
Long Beach, CA 90806-5530 USA
(562) 313-1530

320-205-0479 (Fax)

yellowcab643@yahoo.com or, yellowcab643@gmail.com

Personal Statement
I would like to situate myself. I don't think I'm earning the kind of money that I thought I should make. I go to the gym about every day to lift and don't want to forget that. I think my friends and family have lost their manners so I don't socialize frequently. I don't like being treated for mental health because a doctor on a surgical table caused my affliction when I was only about 5 years old. But I have to admit that I may have a visible disability because it has been drawn to my attention repeatedly that I'm not perfectly adapted to the workplace.

I would like to appear as a Musician

Professional Resume – listen to recordings I made at these sites if you want to know how my guitar sounds. It's difficult for me to set up and it is in storage right now.




Job Experiences

1.) CR England
OTR driver
SLC, UT July 2001 - August 2001
I completed MTA school and England orientation. England didn't hire me because of problems with their gearbox.
2.) Cabco
taxi owner/operator
Santa Ana, CA March 1999 - May 2001
I drove until my taxi couldn't be repaired because of costs. I was in a movie with my taxi and appeared to have been called, “Mr. Bozo”, a terrible driver that overcharged.
San Francisco, CA April 2003 - Present
I applied to ASCAP because I found a professional ethics and insignia manual by Klapp in the public library and referred them to the professional band in San Francisco.
I've done two public concerts - singing. I read piano music and I have an electric guitar that duplicates about any guitarist's sound.

4.) I've had numerous jobs including paperboy and bagger. I've never found it very rewarding and I've been told the right thing to do is to continue my education if I need more money. The work I can do is generally too hard for the amount of pay that I'm offered.


Associates Degree in General Studies
SLC, UT December 1994

University of Utah, BS degree in Exercise and Sport Science.
December 2008
Skills Summary

*Mechanic – body and engine.

*Powerlifting MyMy deadlift is 565 and bench is 385 - I squat 600. I was in the California Open posing contest in Anaheim.

*Guitar (Professional or Virtuoso) More than 10 Years Experience.

Professional Associations
*ASCAP #1651939

*American Federation of Musicians Union


OCTAP Drivers Permit (2009)

Professional Truck Driver Defensive Driving Course - National Safety Council (07/07/2001)

Professional Truck Driver Defensive Driving Course

C.R. England Driver Orientation Course - C.R. England, Inc. (07/27/2001)

Graduation from CDL Transportation Training - MTA Schools; El Paso, Texas (07/20/2001)

Forklift Certification - Columbus Community Center (12/12/2001)

Martin Calderwood, Program Assistant. Phone: 262-1994, ext 108. http://columbuscommunitycenter.org/

Typing Certification - Utah Department of Workforce Services (1/2004)
49 wpm with 4 errors 1/2004

HANDGUN SAFETY CERTIFICATE - California Department of Justice, Bureau of Firearms (1998) Basic Firearms Safety Certificate #308979

Emergency Care and Safety Institute Advanced First Aid - American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons

Important Links

Homepage http://michaelwilliamandersen.info

My Profile at MySpace http://www.myspace.com/michael_william_andersen

Some of my favorite music http://www.mediafire.com/yellowcab643

Updated:  April 21, 2009

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