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I remember a summer long ago, in which I wanted to learn to compose music. I didn't know anything at the time of how to do it, nor where to start. This was in my elementary years. Since then, starting in the year 2008, I began to compose. I learned music theory in school, and loved it. 

I kept composing constantly. I would spend hours and hours in the school music theory lab, writing and studying. Even in the summer, I would find the music teachers there, and they would let me in to compose. That was the summer of 2008, just going into the school year 2009. I enjoyed it a lot! I composed music for certain people, and even gave the music as a gift. I kept going and going. I worked really hard.

I liked the music I was writing, but the first song I got really excited about was "i VI iv V i"1. I just loved how it sounded, in fact after I finished it I played it at home many times. Perhaps a bit too much, as it mildly annoyed other members in the home. It turned out to be a very vital piece in my composition history. 

I then wrote a song and performed in the school's Vaudeville, most didn't know I composed it. It was the song "Locrian Intensity". Which has been orchestrated since them, as that was the original intent.

I continued to compose, and then I was contacted by Mazula Studios who was making the video game "Dark Ember"2. They had originally listened to "i VI iv V i"1 and they liked it. So I went on in this project of 55 minutes of music in 11 songs. I did a satisfactory job, but I was still new to the business. This was during the early spring of 2009.

I also began to enter young composer competitions at this time, string orchestra composition competitions and choral composition competitions. I learned much of how to organize oneself and present the music in a nicely packaged up item.

My composing ability was improving dramatically by this point, I was studying personally with some guidelines from the music theory teacher, and began expanding in my styles. From serialism, 12 tone music, to canons and inventions. Even further back in history to the gregorian chants, and to the contemporary with minimalism. I finished the Dark Ember project in a couple of months, and worked on these other projects at the same time. 

Another group had come in contact with my music of Dark Ember, and decided that they wanted me to compose music for the game "Mindblight"3. As a composer, a lot of my growth came from this project and a lot of creativity was put into it. I wrote the music in different modes and scales, and gave it a unique taste. The biggest portions of this project lasted from spring 2009 to winter 2009/2010. Detailing is still be done up to today. 

Currently I am composing, and preparing to go to college as a Music Composition Major. I have started several projects, and brushed up on some of the older stuff. I wrote a song for the Garritan Composition Contest for March 2012, and am currently composing personal projects and the for the game "Lightning Bug".

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3 - Pending

Current Projects:

The video game, "Lightningbug" by Paperquest

and "Mindblight" by Paperquest

Updated:  July 25, 2012

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