Los Romanticos Paraguayos Resume

Harp, Guitar and Vocal.
Born in Paraguay, Carlos plays the rhythmic and popular guitar ever since 1967 and the Paraguayan Harp since 1970. Harp teachers were Mr. Lorenzo Leguizamón (1970) in Paraguay, Mr. Lorenzo González (1974) in the USA, Cristino Baez Monges, Abel Sanchez Jiménez, Nicolás Caballero and others in Paraguay. Carlos took voice lessons with Opera Singer Pura Agüero Vera, 1978, in Paraguay
and with Mr. Michelle Annichiarico. Music theory lessons in New Jersey, USA. 1975-77 and APA, Paraguayan Authors' Conservatory in Paraguay.
Carlos performed in the USA, since 1974 at Kelly's Court, Camden, New Jersey,
In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Shows Interval's at Valley Forge
Hilton, Pennsylvania, at Edison and New Brunswick Ramada Inn,
at Tico Taco, restaurant, at Rutgers University, New Jersey, radio programs, ballroom performances in New Jersey, New York, until 1977. Carlos became member of the American Federation of musicians in 1975. Performances in Paraguay , Brazil, since 1977. In the United Arab Emirates, (At Jumeirah Beach Club Dubai), December 2002-May 2003. At Abu Dhabi Sheraton, Nov 2005-June 2006. Millennium Abu Dhabi (1st April- 6 Jul 2007).
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Harp, Guitar, Requinto and Vocal.
Nelson was born in Asuncion Paraguay, studied classic guitar with Professor Louis Melia, Edison, New Jersey, (1975-76) and with well-known Professor Felipe Sosa in his hometown, Asuncion, and later he studied music theory with Orchestra Director Mr. Luis Miranda. After performing in the USA, Spain and Japan for several years, he joined the famous group LOS PARAGUAYOS. He toured Europe with them in countries such as Germany, Turkey, Cyprus, Sweden, and Denmark. Nelson became member of the American Federation of Musicians of USA and Canada and performed at the Spanish Steps at the Caesar Palace Hotel in Las Vegas, NV, as a harpist in 1989-1990.
He then formed his Luz de Luna Band thus showing all his talent and experience featuring the Paraguayan harp. His Luz De Luna Band performed in Turin and Milan, Italy, Paradise Hotel - Mauritius (Indian ocean), Millennium Airport Hotel - Dubai - U.A.E, at Bad Griesbach, at the famous Maximilian Hotel Golf in Germany. In Abu Dhabi (the capital city of the United Arab Emirates) at the Sheraton Hotel & Towers, in Norway, in the Color Line Cruise Ships, at the Sheraton Grande Walker Hill Hotel in Seoul-Korea, at Novotel Al Dana Resort in Manama-Bahrain, Ras Al Khaimah Hilton, Fujairah's Iberostar Hotel, and in many other places.
Nelson plays the Paraguayan Harp: According to the Holy Bible, King David used to play the harp. The harp is o¬ne of the most antique musical instruments that the human history recalls. The harp came to the Rio de la Plata Basin with Jesuit Priests to the Guarani territory with the Spaniard conquerors. The Paraguayan harp is product of the fusion of two civilizations, Guarani and Spanish, the Guarani people (Paraguayan), showed high interest in learning how to play the instrument. Not o¬nly that, they build a new type of harp, what today we call the national instrument of Paraguay The Paraguayan harp.
Nelson plays a chromatic HARP WITH SHARPING LEVERS since year 2000.
He also plays the Guitar: The instrument was introduced to the Native Americans by the Spaniards. Today it is used in most Latin American rhythms. Nelson performs with a JOSE RAMIREZ CAMARA 1st. Class Guitar made in Madrid, Spain in 1991. Nelson also plays the REQUINTO guitar, a small guitar first made in Mexico. This instrument plays the melody line of songs. Nelson plays a PEDRO MALDONADO REQUINTO, made in Malaga, Spain, made in 1980.

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