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I love writing songs and dream of writing songs for others. 
Hear some of my songs at the individual URLS listed below. The video is the lyric sheet synchronized to the audio recording.  Wait!  so that there are no surprises, since I do not play an instrument, my audio recordings are acapella. 

Song #1: Stand (soul) 
Subject: Song about perseverance, making and taking a stand in life. Keeping your eyes on the pride. 

Song #2: What did I do 
Subject: R& B song about infidelity. The lyrics also address the new tinsel town bogus "sex addict" cop-out. Video is the lyric sheet synchronized to the audio recording. 

Song #3: Me (pop)
Subject: a song delivering the message; "live your life & love yourself"

Song #4: Time will tell 
Subject: an R/B song about cutting ties. based on the infamous saying "time will tell" with a Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde Twist. 

Song #5: Sweetest Lemonade (Swing, Bad Boss,Block Negativity,Reach Your Peak) 
Subject: Soul song pokes fun at the bad boss and inspires the under-dog to strive to improve his or her position in life. Song suggests that the table could turn, making the boss the under-dog and the under-dog the top dog. 

Song #6: Blood is thicker than water (soul) 
Subject: Estranged loved ones who may or may not be homeless 

Song #7: Hosanna (Christain Contemp) 
Subject: Christian Contemporay song about Jesus' arrival at Jerusalem. Song based on Matthew Chapter 21 1-11. Palm Sunday. Video is the lyric sheet synchronized to the audio recording. 

Song #8: Breathe (soul)
Subject: a song about making it through hardships

Song #9: Fire (RB) 
Subject: The cold-hearted hot girl. 

Updated:  January 29, 2011

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