WhiteFlag Project Resume

      In 1998, three musicians from Gaza in Palestine and three Israeli musicians from Tel Aviv began a musical dialogue. They formed together the band WhiteFlag. Due to the political situation in the Middle East the band's members were rarely able to meet.

WhiteFlag Project is a core group of Arab and Jewish musicians, motivated by the desire to continue this unique musical dialogue and invite other likewise minded musicians from all over the world to help create peace through their music.

WhiteFlag Project is about bringing into the mix the uniqueness of each musician's musical style and as a result the source of their musical sound is an outpouring of all their conflicting emotions. By allowing all the colors of the region into the Mix, they create an innovative & original crossover of "worldrock". Their songs are in Hebrew Arabic & English.

WhiteFlag Project by their very existence has proven that music can open a path to tolerance and compromise, joy and love between all people.

Updated:  June 30, 2009

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