Carmen Alice Acosta Franco Resume

      Carmen Alice Acosta Franco

Born on November 27, 1982 in Asunción Paraguay in a family of musicians, being the daughter of renowned singer paraguayo Rafael Acosta Vallovera, based in Switzerland, their first lessons on the harp, with a dedicated teacher Cesar Cataldo Paraguayan harpist, studied musical language in the National Conservatory of Music, visited Chile, Brazil, Argentina as a youth representative of the Paraguayan culture through the Ministry of Education and Worship, 1994. In 1996, emerging as Revelation in the contest "YOUNG VOICES OF POPULAR SONGS, organized by the Paraguayan Center for Japanese and the Municipality of Asunción, participates in festivals at night Tacuare'e central in the years 1997-98 and 99. Won first place Festival Bay in 1997. In the year 2002 are traveling to the Old World and represents Paraguay in the World Harp Headquarters in Switzerland Blonnet in the First Concert of the Artists Association of Residents in Switzerland. In 2003 received a full scholarship for study by the prestigious American University of Paraguay by the academic and artistic skills which performs concerts to university teaching. Embraces his law and trade union activity in the following year to allow the direct coordination of the cultural institution of Higher Education and vice chair of the Center for Law Students.
Ern in 2004 involved the V Latin American Meeting of harpists, developed in Mexico City and Cuernavaca, Morelos, invited by the great master of the Paraguayan Harp Celso Duarte González and acts as Vice President in the Lions Club of the University.
In June of this year, is awarded the First Place, female, National Harp Competition, organized by Fundación Agustín Barbosa and Congress. In July 2005, elected president of the Center for Legal Studies at the American University of Paraguay from which promotes public policies for higher education and culture to the Bicameral Commission for Education and Culture and Church of the Paraguayan Congress.
Belong to the Academy of the National Literary Lions Club in the University at the American University as a founding member and National Advisory Leonismo Paraguayo Culture.

Updated:  September 22, 2009

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