Alfonso 3 Amigo Mendieta Resume


Alfonso Mendieta III is born with the gift of music, the eldest son of Mr. Alfonso C. Mendieta Jr. and Mrs. Olivia Mendieta. Born in the 31st day of December 1988 at Bliss Village Ilagan Isabela. He believe that only God is the source of everything. He is presently residing at 124 BHC Compound T. Alonzo Baguio City. Alfonso is a graduate of Bachelor of Science In Nursing. He is a Voice Teacher and and learn to play violin by the help of his friend Carlson, he also play Cello with the help of Norman and Ms. Noemi Binag. And he learn playing piano by the help of Mrs. Mila A. Gayagoy...

Alfonso is continuing to play and learn different musical instrument with the help of our God who strengthens us and provide our needs.

Updated:  July 11, 2009

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