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Theo Thumper:

Theo started drumming at the age of six with two wooden spoons on a telephone book. At the age of eight his parents bought him his first snaredrum. After taking two years of private lessons with a drummer of a big band he was ready to buy his first drum kit.

In the first serious period, after beating up several phonebooks, he often listened to great drummers such as Gene Krupa, Buddy Rich, Lionel Hampton, Joe Morello and Art Blakey. During this phase of his love affair with drums, Theo developed his ear and an authentic feel for big band and jazz drumming as well as his ability to read drum scores. The music of Stan Kenton, Count Basie, Duke Ellington and the Buddy Rich Big Band were a great influence on Theo’s rich musical sensibility. An important source of support and influence, Theo’s father was a trumpet player in several big bands.

Not able to avoid his heart and soul’s calling, Theo quit technical college to pursue a professional music education and career. A fan of Premier kits, Theo replaced his second-hand kit with a brand new one, as he began his music studies at the Conservatory.

As the Rock and Blues scene grew, so did Theo’s passion for playing Rock and Roll. Inspired by the likes of Mitch Mitchell, Ginger Baker, Keith Moon and John Bonham, Theo developed his signature rock drumming style.

Soon after graduation from the Conservatory, Theo found himself making a good living as a pro drummer. In great demand, Theo was a popular session drummer due to his drumming mastery of diverse musical styles. From disco to punk bands, like the most feared Dutch punk band The Speedtwins, and from blues bands to classical projects, Theo made his mark with his immensely magical musical touch.

As electronic drumming was changing the industry, Theo became a highly accomplished studio sound engineer. But playing the drums was Theo’s biggest passion and couldn’t be denied, so he expanded the parameters of his brilliant music career and during this 15-year period, composed music for television series, documentaries and commercials, and also recorded two solo albums.

Theo has performed with major blues artists from the USA and Canada including:

T-Model Ford, James Harman, Gene Taylor, Bill Barrett, Charlie Sayles, Pat Savage, Wolf Mail, Derrick "Big" Walker, Jenny Kerr, Lee Mc Bee, Adam Gussow, Handsome Devils and Patrick Vining.

Updated:  July 11, 2009

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