Souljah Aka Destry Carl Spigner Resume

       Souljah aka Destry Spigner, Singer-musician-producer has been in the charts at least once every year for 10 years, 5 dance chart number 1’s and a billboard top 40 hit (“Love has a hold on me”) Zoo Experience featuring Destry, released in 1991 on Cool Tempo Records.

Originally from Chicago, Destry has kept company working with such talents in house music as the legendary “Marshall Jefferson”, Vince Lawrence, Tin City, Kerry Chandler, Snap, Urban Syndicate and Short fuse, Ian Cary and Andy Ward(Soul Central) Signed to Desire Records, alongside of Rebel M.C and Double Trouble in 1985. The talented singer songwriter and producer’s album “Class house” produced 4 Dance chart No 1’s in the United Kingdom.

In the UK his liquid velvet vocals were also paired with “Pure Silk” Records (“Top of the world”) featured on the “Best of Pure Silk”, produced by Stj Records released 2001. Destry has also worked with Acid Jazz Records who gave us “The Brand New Heavies” and “Jemeriqui”. Inferno Records, 4-liberty, Heat Records, 1044mm Records and N2 Records. His vocals featured on the UK hit “I’ll Die For You “was number 1 in the dance charts in 2002 and feature on Mtv commercial, the “Isle of MTV with Roger Sanchez.

Souljah has performed live around the world in Italy, Germany, Paris and clubs in London, “Café De Paris”, the “Fridge bar” and “Mezzo’s” in London’s Westend. As a solo artist and with his band “Soul Fx” his live performances are soulful, heart felt and should not be missed. Destry started his career as a studio vocalist and session musician but did not stop there his skills in the studio as a remixer and producer has help pave the way right from the beginning of house music.

Destry in now living in Spain, performing all the classic soul songs that you love to hear Marvin Gaye, Al green, Ottis Redding and Luther Vandross just to name a few. To find out where you can hear “One of the best Vocalist in Spain” call or e-mail or call (34) 687339863

Updated:  July 15, 2009

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