David C Lewis Resume

      David was born in Seattle Washington.

David started classical piano lessons at the age of 5.
He played the trumpet and french horn in grade school and junior high.

At 19, David left Seattle to go to 'California Institute of the Arts' in Valencia California. He studied classical, jazz, & modern piano. He also studied Sitar, African dance, and multimedia involving modern dance and theatre. He studied on one of the first synths; the Buckla.

After graduating from Cal Arts, he played with various bands and then joined Ambrosia. Ambrosia won 5 Grammy nominations, and spawned four top 5 hits.
"You're The Biggest Part Of Me", "You're The Only Woman", "That's How Much I feel", "Holdn' On To Yesterday".

David joined the instrumental group Shadowfax and was a major writing contributor and won a Grammy for "Best New Age Performance."

David is currently recording with Lou Rawls Jr. and playing out with an African Group named Longombas, who has success in Europe and Africa.

David has played and recorded with numerous artists such Edgar Winter, Billy Preston, Al Stewart, Stephan Bishop, Gary Wright, Terry Sylvester (The Hollies), John Ford Coley, The Dooby Brothers, Heart, Michael Hedges.

He's opened for and shared billing with Chick Corea, Miles Davis, Stevie Ray Von, Boston, Foreigner, Kansas, Styx, Rush, Hall & Oats, and many many more...

Updated:  July 19, 2009

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