Whopper No Onion Resume

      Justin Thompson- Drummer

-Playing Percussion for 7 years.
-Played in over 15 gigs.
-Taught by profesional former Extreme drummer David Campaglia.
-Plays a variety of music from Led Zeppelin to Oasis to Black Sabbath to Jazz
-Knows how to play over 1,000 songs by heart and willing to learn more.
-Also knows how to play Bell Kit and Keyboard.

*Justin Thompson is a ball of energetic force behind his drum set. From the moment that he sits on his drum throne to the moment that he exits his session Justin's; feel, pocket and groove is present. His solos are quite jawdropping and his knowledge of the world of drumming is quite vibrant. Justin is a percussive explosion living by his words 'passion at play'.

Dezi Garcia- Guitarist / Lead Singer

-Dezi has been playing Guitar for over three years and has been practicing his vocals for 10 years
-Played in 8 gigs.
-Taught by experienced Union Music teachers
-Plays wide variety of Music
-Knows how to play over 50 songs by heart and ready to learn more at a moments notice.

*Dezi's guitar playing is like a sixth sense to him. His songs come natural and he often lets the guitar 'in him' and truely feels the music. Dezi's singing great. Dezi can play guitar and sing at the same time almost flawlessly. Dezi is a committed being who is always ready to practice untill the band sounds god-like in all of its songs. Mr. Garcia is often hard on himself wich is the reason why his guitar playing is so perfect and his solo's can be felt soaring through the air with such hop.

Updated:  July 21, 2009

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