Ghazaleh Shirazi Resume



§1 Master of Music Performance, University of Art, Tehran, October 2008-June 2011.
§1 Bachelor of Classical Music ,University of Art&Architecture, Tehran, October 2001 – September 2005.
§2 Diploma of Pre-University of Mathematics & Physics, Bentolhoda, October 1999 – July 2000.
§3 Diploma of Mathematics & Physics, Lalehaie enghelab High School of Tehran, October 1997 – July 1999.

§5 Mashhad khorshid inisitute of music, Cello teacher,
July 2009-September 2010
§4 HONAR-AFARIN institute of music, Cello &Guitar teacher , February 2008 – Present

§6 Nedaie moosighi institute of music as a Cello & Guitar teacher August 2006-2010
§7Erfane kohan institute of music, Cello teacher and 2006-present
§8 Cello & Guitar teacher, Private studio, Oct 2003 up to now


§9 Teacher training course, Children’s Music, Pars Institute Of Music, November 2005 – February 2006


Classical Guitar,Lily Afshar,Professor of Memphis
University .
§12 Children’s Music, Pars Institute of Music, June 2007.
§13 Cello,Aram talalyan, University, conductor and
Assistant profosser in Chamber Music,Cello and Early
Music at Yerevan Komitas State Conservatory.
July 2004,Winter 2007,Summer 2008.


Art university orchestra, cello principle ,September 2007.

Tehran symphonic orchestra,2008_2010.
Tehran Philarmonic orchestra 2009.

melal orchestra,October 2005.
Fajr Festival,Cello playing with Marsel Bekman from
Netherlands.December 2008.
Sialk,chamber orchestra,December 2007.
Razmik Ohanian,chamber orchestra.2008_2010.
akademia, chamber orchestra,cello principle.2005_2007.
Tehran Municipality Symphonic Orchestra,2010.
Cello recital at University of Art,every semester.

§1Tehran Festival for the university students, First prize,chamber music,January 2003.

Ghadir Festival,pop band,first prize,March 2004.

Fajr Festival,Sialk chamber Ensemble,First prize,Februrary 2007.

Acceptance the MA program through entrance exam, Art university,October 2008.

§2 Cello
Classical&pop Guitar


§7 Persian, Native
§8 English, Germen

Selected Pieces of Repertoire

concertos: Monn:cello concerto in G Minor,Edvard Elgar: Concert in E Minor , Saint-Saenz:Concerto in Aminor,Hayden concerto in C Major, Lalo :cello concrto in D minor.

Sonatas: Brahms: Sonata in E Minor, Grieg: Sonate in A Minor, Beethoven: Sonate in G Minor,Handel:cello Sonate in G minor,Vivaldi:cello Sonate in E minor Schubert: Arpeggione Sonata .Chopin:Sonate in G Minor.eccles:Sonate in G Minor.

Solo cello pieces: Bach Suites G Major, D Minor, C Major, Eb Major,D Major(prelude), Max Reger: G Major suite(prelude) Show pieces and shorter compositions: Faure: Elegie ,Sicilianne ,Rachmaninov: Vocalise ,Beethoven:12 Variation on "See,the conqu`ring Hero Comes" from Handel`s Judas Maccaaeus,Tchaikovky:sentimentale valse,Tchaikovsky:Nocturn in D minor,Max Bruch:Kol Nidrei,David popper:Tarantella.

Chamber Music :
Astor Piazzolla:4 seasons,beethoven trio in Bb Major ,Vivaldi:duble cello concertos ,Mozart: Quartett in B Major, Bartók: Third Quartett ,Schubert: Quartett in A minor .

Updated:  October 17, 2011

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