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Resident Composer for World Class Orchestra

Gulherme Schroeter was born May 16, 1960 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from a traditional family of Musicians. His Mother, a Pianist, his Father, a Violinist, his Brother, a Violinist and his Aunt, Olga Maria Schroeter, a famous Opera Singer.

More information about his Mother, Father and Brother can be found here:

Guilherme began his studies at seven years of age with his Mother in 1967. Guilherme's Mother, by her devotion to Music and the Piano inspired Guilherme to begin practicing the Piano and also to create his first Compositions. At 7, Guilherme was able to give brief Performances, and 4 years later in 1971 at the age of 11, his first Composition was Performed. The Composition is a Celebration for Christmas, Composed of a trio of Musicians. Guilherme Performed on the Piano, Flute and Violin, his Brother (Harry Oscar Schroeter) also Performed with the Violin and his Sister (Eveline Schroeter former Miss Brazil 1980) Played the Flute. Here is the web-site of Eveline:

Guilherme had his eyes fixed on being a Composer at that young age of 7 and has not looked back. At 12 years old, Guilherme Performed the Famous Chopin Ballade Op.23 no.1 (G minor) and the Russian Pianist Sergei Dorensky was very impressed by his talent. Sergei Dorensky was trained under Grigory Ginsburg at the Moscow Conservatory, becoming a Professor of the Conservatory from 1978-1997. In 1989, Sergei was named the People's Artist of Russia, received the Order of Friendship in 1997. He is the Russian Fryderyk Chopin and Sergy Rachmaninov Societies' Vice President. Guilherme achieved his first Classical Music Award when he was 16 years old in 1976 (Brazilia, Brazil) in the Villa Lobos National Chamber Competition, when he received the Title of the BEST PERFORMER OF VILLA LOBOS..

Between 1975 and 1987, Guilherme travelled all over Brazil doing Recitals and Competitions with his Brother, the Virtuoso and Award Winning Brazilian Violinist Harry Oscar Schroeter.

Between 1971 and 1980 Guilherme studied with the Famous Musician Larry Fountain, Mr. Fountain studied in the renowned Manhattan School of Music from 1957-1963. Larry Fountain took lessons with Mr. Robert Goldsand in the Manhattan School of Music. Mr. Goldsand studied with Moritz (Moriz) Rosenthal, known to be the MOST FAMOUS PUPIL OF LIZST. Rosenthal also took lessons with Karl Mikuli (Chopin's Editor and a Student of Chopin) that gave him the correct way to do the Chopin's Melodic "legato". Bios of 1.Moritz ( Moriz) Rosenthal (1862-1946), 2.Karl Mikuli (1819-1897) and 3.Robert Goldsand (1911-1991)

Guilherme earned his Graduate Degree (Field: Piano) in 1988 at the Saint Mary University of Music in Brazil, 3 years later he travelled to Germany to complete his Piano studies and then he did 3 Master Classes wih the Renowned and Internationally Acclaimed Pianists Jorg Demus, Peter Rosel and Czeslaw Kscinsky.

In 1979 at 19 years of age, Guilherme Performed with his Brother Harry Oscar Schroeter, the difficult Cesar Frank Violin and Piano Sonata, at the Famous Cecilia Meirelles Hall in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

*This is the website of Guilhermes' Brother, the Virtuoso and Award Winning Violinist:

In 1985, Guilherme as a Soloist received a prominent Award and Performed twice within a 48 hour period the Chopin E minor Piano Concerto (Op.11) with the Porto Alegre Symphony Orchestra.

Also, in 1985 the Composer made it to the half-finals between seven of the best Pianists in the International Piano Competition IV in Montevideo, Uruguay.

In 2001 the Composer travelled to Seattle, Washington, giving Concerts and promoting his Compositions in the Unites States. During his stay in Seattle he performed his acclaimed 29 Preludes Op.1, with great sucess to a wide audience that UNDERSTOOD HIS MUSIC and enjoyed Guilheme's creative ability.

Guilherme has Composed over 200 Classical Works including 5 Piano Concertos and Piano Music using the Most Famous Forms; Concerto, Sonata, Fantasy, Suite, Prelude, Fugue, Rhapsody, Scherzo, Theme, Variation, Impromptu, Ballad, Nocturne, Etude, as well as Innovative Forms created by him. He Composes his Masterworks with POETIC PRELUDES that cover the spectrum of emotion in the footsteps of the Masters that came before him like Beethoven, Bach, Chopin and Rachmaninov and his body of work which covers 50 themes for film, 120 pop songs and almost 400 works in total is one of the largest collections, if not the largest collection of NEW MUSIC in the world. He has drawn acclaim from his peers from every corner of the globe and those Artists that have Performed and Recorded his work have drawn International Acclaim for their efforts in bringing New Music in to the world.

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