Ashley Rice Resume

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42 Harris St. Amherst, MA 01002

A. Educational Background

University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Massachusetts, 2005 to present
~Bachelor's Degree in Music Performance on Bassoon in progress
Recipient, John and Abigal Adams Scholarship
Recipient, Chancellor's Talent Award

Auburn High School, Auburn, Massachusetts
~High School Diploma 2005
Graduated with Honors
Recipient, John Phillip Sousa Band Excellence Award
Recipient, Louis Armstrong Jazz Excellence Award
Recipient, IAJE Outstanding Jazz soloist Award 2004

B. Employment History

F.Y.E., Worcester, Massachusetts, November 2002 - January 2009
~Sales Associate
Stocking Shelves
Customer Assistance
~Promotion to Assistant Manager January 2008
Opening and closing the store
Counting money
Task Management

UMass Transit Services, Amherst, Massachusetts, January 2009 to Present
~Bus Driver
Preparing new employees for the Commercial Drivers License test
Teaching how to drive and inspect a bus
Teaching the responsibilities as UMass Transit Employees

C. Camp/ Festival Experience

Summer Youth Music School, University of New Hampshire 2004
~Studied Bassoon with Janet Polk
Director: Isabel Gray
Phone: 603-862-2418

New England Music Camp, Sidney, Maine 2003
Director: Davis E. Wiggin
Spring phone: 860-767-6530
Summer phone: 207-465-3025

New York Summer Music Festival, Oneonta, New York 2009
~Stage Crew
~Teaching Assistant to Krassimir Ivanov
Director: Jungeun Kim
Phone: 607-267-4024
1. Supervising recreational activities and practice time
2. Providing a safe environment for students
3. Assisting faculty and administration with various duties
4. Serving as mentors to the students

C. Instrumental Study

Stephen J. Walt 2005 to Present
~Applied faculty on bassoon at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Janet Underhill 2002-2005
~Applied faculty on bassoon with the Boston Youth Symphony Orchestra
~Director of Music Lessons and Winds, Brass and Percussion for St. Mark's School of Southborough, Massachusetts

D. Teaching Experience

Private Lessons grades 6-9, Auburn Public Schools 2002-2005
~Bass Clarinet

E. Orchestral Experience

University Orchestra, UMass Amherst, Fall 2005 to Present
Conductor: Lanfranco Marcelletti

New York Summer Music Festival, Oneonta New York, Summer 2009
Conductors: Steven Reineke
Charles Schneider
Steven Jarvi
Allen Tinkham

Pioneer Valley Symphony Orchestra, Fall 2008 to Present
Conductor: Paul Phillips

Greater Boston Youth Symphony Orchestra, Fall 2003 to Spring 2005
Conductor: Federico Cortese

Worcester Youth Symphony Orchestra, Fall 2000 to Spring 2003
Conductor: Bradford Chase

F. Administrative Experience

UMass Amherst Double Reed Day 2009
~Currently assistant to Professor Stephen Walt
Duties include:
· Mailing brochures informing double reed players and teachers in the area about the event
· Assigning rooms for vendors, master classes, and chamber music rehearsals for the day of the event
· Providing appropriate chairs, tables, music-stands and any other materials required for all events, rehearsals and classes on the day of the event.

E. References

Stephen Walt, Applied Faculty on Basson at UMass Amherst

Lanfranco Marcelletti, Conductor for the UMass Amherst Orchestra

Don Chapman, Training Supervisor, UMass Transit Services
Glenn Barrington, Operations Manager, UMass Transit Services

Jungeun Kim, Executive Director, New York Summer Music Festival

Updated:  September 16, 2009

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