Lenny Mitchell Resume

What have Bonnie Tyler, Sheena Easton, Billy Fury, Mike Read,
Screaming Lord Sutch, John Lee Hooker, Marc Almond , Redhouse,
John Slaughter [Chris Barber], Tony Monopoly, Tom Evans [Badfinger]
Twinkle, & many others got in common?

They all hired Lenny Mitchell to join their bands
& play lead guitar for them on tours, recording sessions,
radio & television appearances.
so can you!

The Past
Lenny Mitchell taught himself to play guitar in London,
playing his first gigs in pubs up & down the Old Kent Road.
In 1975, as lead guitarist & harmony singer on a 7 month European
tour, he returned as a seasoned professional still only 16 years old!

Thirty years of extensive sessions & countless gigs led to retirement
in rural France, & building his own studio for recording his own songs.
But in true wandering minstrel fashion, another relocation to
Spain, sees him treading the boards once again,
this time as a solo act;
& a tribute to

A musical time machine
The soundtrack of our lives
All the best songs from Apache to Zanadu,
Animals to Zombies,
Lenny sings & plays live stunning guitar solos
with bass and drum backing tracks that he makes himself.
A huge range of music from the 60s including
Pop, Rock and Roll, Ballads, Blues, Soul and Country
perfect volume for small bars, quiet restaurants,
big parties or loud noisy clubs.

Updated:  September 16, 2009

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