Maxim Guryanov Resume

      My name is Maxim Guryanov. I'm 29. I have musical background (Musical College of Yoshkar-Ola, Russia - instruments guitar and piano).

I've been working in game industry as a freelancer for 5 years.
I've started with a sound for mobile java applications, now almost for 2 years I create sound design and compose music for PC and I-phone games. I worked for several Russian and European companies. My last credits for sound design are from Flysoft and Mobak

Currently I compose music for PC and I-phone games as a freelancer.

Also I worked full time at FM radio and TV as a sound designer ( from Jan 2003-November 2008), where I did post production music and SFX. I managed with studio hardware and did SFX and music for radio and TV programms.

Updated:  September 20, 2009

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