Robert Sydney Rayfield Resume

      Robert Rayfield was born on April 11, 1990. He started playing guitar at the age of six where he studied the Suzuki Music Program with Alan Johnston. At the age of 11, he stopped studying with Alan Johnston and started taking lessons with Leo Whitebird. He took rock and blues ensemble classes at MacPhail Center for the Arts with Steve Roem, Jerry Kosak, and James Allen, as well as taking Rock Week there, where his specific band instructors were Chan Poling, Tom Pieper, Jerry Kosak, Steve Roem, and Chris Osgood, and the guitar instructors were Chris Olsen, Chris Osgood, and Jerry Kosak. He is currently a guitar performance major at McNally Smith College of Music. His guitar teachers at McNally Smith include Mike Krajewski, Ric Oliva, Bobby Stanton, Neal Thorgrimson, Paul Krueger, Bryan Metreyon, and Kevin Daley. His music theory teachers so far include Michael Pilhofer, Liz Kuivinen, Mike Menard, and Jay Fuchs. His general education teachers include Billy Franklin, Chris Galaas, and April Mitchell. His keyboard for non-majors teachers include Dave Wiens, Liz Kuivinen, and Sean Turner. His other teachers include Jerry Kosak (history of American popular music), Lori Dokken (artist and industry seminar), Judi Donaghy (choir), Pete Whitman (desktop music publishing), Steve Faison (ensemble), Bryan Forrester (introduction to music technology), and Jeremy Messersmith (songwriting).

Updated:  September 21, 2009

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