Awa Traore S. Resume

      Awa TraorĂ©

Sultry French multi-talented pianist and vocalist Awa Traoré discovered her love and natural ability for the piano as a child. As a young girl, she began her classical education at the Regional Music Academy of Avignon. Performing in professional masteries she already feels in the time more attracted by modern music, the improvisation, the jazz, the music of the other continents which she began to investigate in self-taught studies before entering schools and European trainings where she studied with personalities.

Awarded a diploma by famous Bill Evans Piano Academy in Paris, Awa multiplied the artistic experiences, the musical meetings making it possible to hear the wealth of her creativity and the sweetness of her voice in several musical styles within numerous forms.
She has performed in most famous venues in Paris, European Festivals, likewise some of Awa's previous international engagements have included residencies at five stars international hotels in Egypt, Kuwait, Italy, Luxembourg, Vietnam, The Netherlands and the United Arab Emirates.

Awa is truly a surprising diversified and accomplished artist who brings with passion a wealth of experience, a variety of musical influences and a magnificent talent to her performance.

Updated:  November 7, 2010

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