DEENGA BENGALI ALTERNATIVE FOLK ROCK BAND.They are working for more than 8 years.They work with folk of Bengal as well as with their own compositions.Deenga is one album holder and did more then 400 shows approx in and outside West Bengal,they are quite popular for their unique style of music,they collect folk songs from different part of West Bengal and arrange those in their own style.They beleive music is a mood.Deenga consist of 7 like minded members,Rahul on bass,Bablu on keys,Soumik on vocals,Nil and Punyadip on strings,Indrajit on skin.They are all skilled professional musician and working for quite some time.Deenga featured in print as well as channel media very often.Deengas listeners are not fix in any particular age group their music is loved and enjoyed by all.

Updated:  March 28, 2012

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