Prashat Kumar Pradhan Resume

      Mr. Prashant kumar pradhan has a vast knowledge about Hindustani insrumental music like Sitar/Mohanveena/Hawain Guitar He is conducting the examination through following exam center- 1. Prayag Sangitha Samiti, Allahabad 2.Gandharva Mohavidyalaya 3. Pracheen Kala Kendra. for children through which the importance of Indian values and culture..He has also done his Master Degree in Sitar & Mohanveena(Hawain Guitar). He has the blessings of great Gurus like Lt. Shri Gajanan Nandi (A.I.R. A-grade artist), Prof. Bauribandhu Sethi (A.I.R. A-grade artist), those reach divinity through music. Fields of work- 1. Preformed in Indian and Abroad 2. Performing art critic- Articles on music 4. Music- Hindustani music performer, composer and Teacher

Updated:  October 1, 2009

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