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richard fischer la native to the great city of new orleans began playing the drums at four years old. by the time he was 15 he was playing in classic rock,r and b bands around time. rickey studied music performance and composition at the university of new orleans. he studied under the guidance of ellis marsallis. while in college rickey studied with leland beach,ray fransen,jim chapin,ocassionaly with alan dawson.rickey is a composer tympanist,xylophone,and vibraphone player as well as a drumset player,he has traveled around the world playing,rock,jazz,zydeco,funk,randb,progreesive rock,classic rock,latin jazz,and country music.he has performed with blues legend clarencegatemouth and played benefits with randy travis.influences are mbernard purdie,steve gadd,jeff porcaro,johnny vidacovich,herlin riley,and jason marsalis. rickey is also a vibraphone player with the ability to play solo. influences are lionel hampton,bobby hutchinson,milt jackson, dave samuels,and gary burton.

Updated:  October 28, 2009

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