Surrsri Resume

      Surrsri founded at 2001 by the sole propritor,musician Mr.Suresh Gujar.His name is unique in India because he is the only Violinist who can able to play above 10000 song's tune of bollywood's songs on Violin.He plays complete song's tunes(means starting from intro music or alap to main verse of songs followed by interlude music various stanzas and other gap pieces upto end)can be played on single Violin,as you know the violin is most difficult to play.He needs only only one minimum
percussionist i.e.Tabla/Dholak/Reth.machine.He has experienced to play in front of Lata Mangeshkarji,Jagjitsinghji,Laxmikantji and given Manna Dey,Talat Mehmood and Anup Jalota.His two CDs naming "Kuch na kaho" and "Violin ke sur Dilse"are becoming very poular.Besides this he has written 38 music notation books and able to give notation of any songs on certain conditions.He played at Holiday Inn for 5 years,Taaj Blue Diaomond for one year and searching opportunities to show this unique violin playing art to all.He plays Live Violin programmes at all
Receptions (2.5 hour programme)at PUNE.Searching sponsores to do live violin programmes at Mumbai and UK...Suresh Gujar 9371007275.

Updated:  October 25, 2009

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