Artem Nyzhnyk Resume

      Artem Nyzhnyk bayan player, teacher, composer from Ukraine.

He was born on the 18 of June 1980 in Artemivsk, Donetsk province of Ukraine.

1988-1995 years of studying bayan at Artemivsk Children Musical School in the class of V.Klymenko. He graduates having obtained diploma with distinction.

From 1995 he is a student of Artemivsk Musical College in the class of Ye.Vlasenko (bayan) and B.Semenenko (composition).

In 1998 Artem Nyzhnyk graduates Donetsk Musical College taking an external course. He gets diploma with distinction.

In 1998 he wins the 1st prise and Grand Prix of the First National Competition of Young Composers in the name of M.Lysenko. Poltava, Ukraine.

1998-2003 Artem studies at Donetsk State Music Academy in the class of professor, academic V.Voyevodin (bayan), professor S.Mamonov (composition) and associate professor L.Popova (conducting). He gets diploma with distinction.

In 2003 Artem Nyzhnyk graduated Summer Music Academy at Schloss Waldegg (Switzerland) in the class of E.Moser (accordion).

2003-2006 Artem Nyzhnyk is assistant teacher of bayan/accordion; since 2006 leading teacher at Donetsk State Music Academy; sinse 2009 - docent, The art director and the main conductor of an Donetsk State Music Academy orchestra.

Updated:  October 21, 2009

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