Sanja Milutinovic Resume

      Sanja Milutinovic, a professor, performer, composer and a conductor, was born 25.03.1975. in Novi Sad.

She has graduated musical pedagogy at Novi Sad's Academy of Arts, and the guitar at Nis' University of Arts 2004, as a student of Mrs. Vesna Petkovic.
Since 1998 she has attended many international guitar seminars and festivals in Greece, Belarus, Chez Republic, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Serbia. She has won many international awards as a guitarist and composer.
She has also appeared in concerts and recitals in Macedonia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Greece and Serbia.
She has been invited as a professor to many international classic guitar festivals.
She had been organizator and menager of 1st and 2nd Classical Guitar Festival at Zrenjanin.
Published works for guitar solo, guitar ad chamber music: "Zbirka kompozicija za kamerne sastave gitara"; „Nine miniatures“, „Sonatina“, „Balcanian Song“ (guitar ansambles); „8 pieces for classical guitar“ etc.. Also she has been writing duets for voice and the guitar.
She has been conducting for more than 10 years.

Updated:  October 28, 2009

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