Melvin Antonio Chenault Resume

      I am a self taught classical guitarist . I learned how to play and transpose bach, chopin, mozart and others from piano to guitar .I started in middle school playing the upright bass but after seeing the movie cross roads i wanted to play the guitar .My compassionate parents baught me a beginners guitar and i taught myself to read and compose music . Both my parents sing like ascending angels with wings of pure diamond, so i learned melody and harmony quickly . I cant express enough how stanley clarke woke me up to the beauty in the sound of a masterfully played ACOUSTIC string instrument . Also listening to earl klugh ,who ive met several times,taught me not to be ashamed playing original ,totally solo compositions. .After starting and joining a band called illumination i learned more about rythmic playing and more r&b ,this helped me immensely , we were on channel 20 regularly and i personally Have collaberated with BRIAN ONEAL, BROTHA DEEP,YAMASAKI and ELECTRIC OTTO an extra in the funk brothers movie . I have opened for DAVE MCMURRY, STRAIGHT AHEAD, CEDAR WALDEN and the SPENCER BAREFIELD .

Updated:  November 7, 2009

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