Wil Rey Resume

       Wil Rey was born in the states (Brooklyn NY) Lived in the states all his life, lived in Michigan for 27 years. He started to play guitar at the age of 13 learned to play bass and keyboards. He learned to sing very well. By listening to Robert Plant and Elvis. As a teen he played around the area in a band at big parties. At the age of 27 he was playing in the clubs with classic rock bands. Started to play folk and acoustic music also in venues. Got into country music and played around the Michigan area in clubs casinos and also did a few concert. Wil is a very talented and versatile guitarist. Has a very good ear for music. He resides in Puerto Rico for the time being watching over his parents (sick father) he plans to move back to the states or wants to play in the San Juan Area. All he wants to do is play music. He is single and has no ties as far as a relationship or wife. He has 2 children who are grown up and on there own. He wants to travel and be on the road with a, classic rock, country, blues, pop band in the states or in the San Juan Puerto Rico Area. He has played in many, many gigs and in front of large crowds and is expierenced in being in a band he is a leader.. He is very shy and quiet at times and gets along good with anyone. He has a very good musical talent plays guitar and sings very well. Must check him out.

Updated:  October 15, 2010

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