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Computer Music Project "MC Uosmip Cuter"

  Hello there, this is Michael Heinzelmann, programmer and musician/composer

I would like to introduce one of my projects, (not yet another) drum machine

I am developing this program myself and I am looking for musicians and singers
who want to test this program and might be interested in becoming a
project partner, developers (Java or C++) or PR agencies are welcome too.

Project Description:

Working Name: MC Uosmip Cuter (drums and percussion)

* MC Uosmip Cuter is a piece of software that generates MIDI events that can be converted to audible sounds
   by any standard MIDI software synthesizer.
* The MIDI event generation is based on musical patterns (rhythm, pitch) that have been created by the user
   before the performance (non realtime)
* During performance the patterns as well as variations on those patterns or additional parts (breaks, riffs)
   are substituted or added respectively.
* The variations can be parameterized , e.g. the degree of randomness, sets of rhythm and pitch.
* Performance control modules provide interactivity between musician and software.
* The main interactivity parameters are level (velocity, loudness) and musical pattern (rhythm, pitch).

This basic version allows the musician to 'jam' with the software and create a live performance.
A visual component provides a realtime animation of the MIDI events to increase entertainment for the
audience and make the software program more tangible for the musician.

If interested or any questions please contact me here on musicianspage.

Thank You very much for your time   

Updated:  November 24, 2010

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