Thomas Neumaier Resume

      I was born August 31, 1959 in Stuttgart, Germany. I started learning the acoustic guitar at age 9, at 12 I also started learning the flute. Around 17/18 I picked up the bass and stayed with it since. On bass I had one teacher to help get me started with notation and reading but I tought myself a lot by copying and transcribing basslines from records and tapes.

In 1989 I joined a local rock band and we recorded and released one EP and and a CD. We did live and TV shows but eventually the whole thing collapsed because the majority of the guys in the band were married with small kids and weren't ready to go on tour to promote the band.

After that I did some studio work and then stopped playing for almost 10 years. I have picked up the bass again in 2007, having no trouble at all to reacquaint myself with the instrument. Since then I have joined two bigbands and I'm currently studying Jazz Bass online at

Updated:  November 11, 2009

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