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Shri C.A.Rajasekar is an embodiment of elegance and versatility, a true source of inspiration. His simplicity and altruism further pronounce his oratorical, organizational and intellectual skills. With a good sense-of-humor, which is an Utopian dream in recent times, he carries his responsibilities with a ever smiling face.
Family pedigree:
Born to Shri Chittoor Appanna Bagavathar and Smt. Madurambal, Shri C.A. Rajasekar has a rich musical pedigree. His grandfather Shri Vedachala Iyer was adept in playing both the violin and the flute. His father Shri Appanna of Chittoor was a renowned violinist himself, and so were his brothers.
The family at the cause of promoting music:
Shri C. A Rajasekar's family has been rendering yeoman service in the patronage of music by arranging music festivals and poojas every year. Those days, they used to arrange the Shri Purandarasa festival at their native city every year. Noted contemporary sangeetha vidwans used to participate and perform at the festival. ‘Aganda Gaanam' of Thiyagaiyar's kirthanas was held as an annual feature at which singing of Thiyagaiyar's kirthanas lasted 24 hours at a stretch. As a boy, Shri C.A. Rajasekar participated with great enthusiasm in such activities. This has, no wonder helped him develop a deep sense of service to the cause of music.
Tutelage and Performances:
Shri C.A. Rajasekar learnt his first vocal lessons at the age of four from his father. It was soon followed by violin lessons under the watchful eyes of his illustrious father. He played along with his father from an early age at the latter's performances.
To further hone his skills, he had been under the tutelage of the distinguished violinist Sangeetha Kalanidhi Shri. M.Chandrasekaran and had also undergone lessons from Shri V.S.Narasimhan for a broader understanding and appreciation of western classical genre.

Shri C.A.Rajasekar, also known as the backbone of CARVA Trust, received the “Isaikalaimani” title from Adyar Music College. Not the one to stop there, he proceeded to complete his M. A in Indian music and was awarded a Gold Medal by the University of Madras. He also completed his M.Phil at the University of Madras. Here, his final thesis explored different violin teaching methodologies, particularly, his unique teaching methodology.

In 2007 he was honoured as ‘Aasthana Vidhwan' by Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam. He was also conferred with the ‘BEST GURU' award by VDS Arts Academy in recognition of his accomplishment in tutoring violin to numerous students for 25 continuous years. Shri C.A.Rajasekar has also been nurturing students of other countries through the internet. Through this, students at different parts of the world receive an opportunity to learn violin. This is a blessing to students around the world who share a passion for music and his online classes are well appreciated for the same reason.
Apart from his solo concerts, he has been playing as an accompanying artiste for many vocalists at various sabhas in India as well as abroad. He is involved in performances for many social causes. One such special occasion, which he remembers till date is when he played with his Guru Shri M. Chandrasekar, in Malaysia.


Shri C.A.Rajasekar has been teaching violin for the past 25 years. With well over a hundred students under his guidance, he has been orchestrating regular performances to a wide audience. From being known as the ‘group of hundred+ violins' the need for an identity resulted in formation of the Chittor Appanna Rajasekar's Violin Academy – CARVA Music School in 2000, which later grew into being administered under the name of the CARVA Trust.

While keeping up with the traditions of classical music, Shri C.A.Rajasekar ensures to incite enthusiasm into the eager minds by virtue of the zeal and energy with which he organizes activities with flair. Given the pushing nature of the teacher and arduousness of the students, every single performance to date has been very well received.

One amongst the acclaimed of their performances was on the Independence Day (in the year 2002), which was broadcast on ‘Podhigai T.V.' under a program titled “Isai Aruvi”. Over a hundred CARVA students rendered popularly known patriotic pieces on their violin with pride, grace and confidence. Another such performance was given on Jaya T.V. in 2004 as part of their Pongal Special programs and was acclaimed by all. CARVA students regularly perform at the Ashramam of Poojya Sri Muralidhara Swamigal in Malapattu Village under aegis of the saint. Also, their performances at MUSIC ACADEMY as a part of “Svanubhava” by these amateur violinists had a great acclaim. Also, CARVA performs in batches of 25+, 50+ violins and in various combinations as and when required and in accordance to the occasion (Temples, Sabhas & Marriage occasions) and also to the audience needs.

Updated:  November 12, 2009

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