Samuel T. Klemke Resume

       06.12.1978: born.
• 1982: first guitar lesson
• 16.11.1984: 1st public performance
• 1991: Guitar Duo Klemke founded (with his sister Laura)
• 04.08.1995: Standing Ovation at a duo concert with more than 600 international guests in Berlin
• 20.06.1998: Abitur (school) with the mark 1,1 and recommandation for a national scholarship.
• 01.10.1999: Begin of musical studies at the University of Music in Weimar with Prof. M. Rost.
• 17.07.2003: Concert diploma with the best possible mark 1,0
• 01.10.2003: Postgraduate studies with Prof. Thomas Müller-Pering in Weimar
• März 2004: holds concerts and masterclasses in South America (i.e. XV. internat. Festival in Lima) with support of the Ministry of Science of Thuringia
• 01. 09.2004: Postgraduate scholarship for studying the works by T. Takemitsu and H. W. Henze
• 26.11.2004: Concert with H. W. Henze’s Chambermusic 58 and Royal Winter Music I
• Juli 2005: Concert Tour in the Czech Republik
• 11.01.2006: Founding concert of the Ensemble Marges (New Music), since then regular concerts with new music in Germany and for “via nova e.V.” in Thuringia.
• 20.02.2006: Chambermusic concert for the 10th anniversary of the death of Toru Takemitsu
• Mai/Juni 2006: Concert tour/competitions/holds masterclasses in the USA (i.e. San Francisco, LA)
• 25.01.2007: Concert Examination part 1/2
• Februar 2007: Konzerttournee/Wettbewerbe/ gibt Meisterkurs in den USA (u.a. Chicago)
• April 2007: Secretary of the jury of the “8th Anna Amalia competition for young guitarists” in Weimar
• 29.8-8.9.2007: Ensemble Marges at the “1st Forum of young German composers” in Volkenroda
• 10.11.2007: Concert Examination part 2/2
• 10.-13.05.2008: Member of Jury in a composition competition and with the Ensemble Marges performance of the winning pieces.

since 1991 Masterclasses and seminars with more than 20 wellknown guitarists, i.e.:
Carlos Bonell (GB), Prof. Luis Orlandini (Chile), Hugo Geller (Argentina), David Tanenbaum (USA),
Hubert Käppel (Cologne), Dale Kavanagh (Canada), Manuel Barrueco (Cuba), David Russel (GB), Aniello
Desiderio (Italy), Pepe Romero (Spain), Konrad Ragossnig (Austria)
more than 600 performances and Concerts (repeatedly also on radio and TV) in many European
Countries, in Perú, USA, Martinique, Japan, for example:
• the concert series „cultural youth“ (1995, 1997, 2000, Duo)
• TV - Broadcast (Duo) at NDR (Schleswig-Holstein Magazin) (1995)
• different radio stations of the NDR (1995, 1997, 1998, 2x 1999)
• Concerts for the Bach Society Leipzig (1998 and 2004, Duo)
• Concert on Sylt organized by Jeunesses Musicales Germany (1998, Duo)
• Concert in the Opera Kiel (2000, Duo)
• 2-hour live-broadcast on Radio Flora (2000, Duo)
• during the award ceremony of one of the highest decorations for Bernd Kauffmann in Weimar(2001, Duo)
• for the DAAD-conference in Weimar (2001)
• Sold out concert at the Castle Henkellsfeld in Wiesbaden (2002, Duo)
• Gala concert in Savona/Italy during the competition there (2003)
• Concert for the constant representation of Thuringia in Brussels - Belgium (2003)
• Concert in Perú (2004, Duo)
• Concert and Competition in Tokyo (2005 and 2007)
• 2 conzert tours in the USA (2006 and 2007): New York, Los Angeles, Malibu, San Francisco,Chicago, St. Joseph, San Antonio, Fairfield, Columbus

• 2 x subsidy award of the „Marie-Luise Imbusch-Stiftung“ (1995, 1998)
• Promotion by „Jugend musiziert“ Schleswig-Holstein (1997 - 1999)
• Promotion by the Ministry of Sciences, Resarch and the Arts of the Land Thuringia (2004)
• Promotion by the Society of Friends and Patrons of the University of Music „Franz Liszt“ Weimar e.V.(2004)
• September 2004 to August 2006: in Expectation of outstanding artistic achievements he is granted a yearlong postgraduate scholarshipf by the University „Franz Liszt“ Weimar (Project: Takemitsu / Henze), it was extended for another year.
• 2007 with the Ensemble Marges: Promotion by the German Music Council

Teaching experience
• Practicing students during his education as a diplom-musician
• private students
• Master classes in the USA (repeatedly) and South America
• was asked for lessons by junior guitarists to be prepared for a natinal competition at federal level

• 2000: Sternstunde der klassischen Gitarre (Guitar duos of the classical period)
• 2005: Danza española (spanish guitar duos from differenc centuries)
• 2006: Bach-Sor-Henze (contains Royal Winter Music I by H. W. Henze)
• 2007: Koyunbaba (Single-CD)

13 x 1st Prize at the national competition „Jugend musiziert“ of the German Music Council
2 x 1st Prize, 6 x 2nd Prize as well as 4 further Prizes and 2 Special Prizes for the best interpretation of contemporary obligatory music as well as participation and further succeses in the competitions worldwide

Updated:  November 26, 2009

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