Mike Davenport Resume

      Self-taught, have been playing guitar since 1973. Personal tastes are any music that is good - something that expresses the feelings of the musician(s) in some way. It may be a technically superb piece, it may be one note that makes me cry, or something else.

My influences on Rock guitar are most of the usual suspects, Jimi Hendrix, Carlos Santana, Joe Satriani, Billy Gibbons, Robin Trower, Yngwie.

Jazz influences cover a wider range of artists, including Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Larry Carlton, John Schofield, Allan Holdsworth, John McLaughlin, Weather Report, Nils Henning Orsted Pederson, Herbie Hancock.

I like experimental line ups, and would enjoy playing in a set up based on say, Shakti, with maybe a keyboard and trumpet player.

Just start playing and see what happens! I like some structure also - it gives more depth and helps those musicians not improvising to support, push, inspire those who are.

As a hypnotherapist with some experience with brainwave entrainment, I would love to combine those with music to give those listening a really great, profound and beautiful experience, while digging deep and giving the old unconscious a tune up !

Updated:  November 25, 2009

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