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      Online Session Musician gives writers, recording musicians and producers an opportunity to have their tracks complimented by a very select group of international musicians without the usual high costs incurred in a regular studio situation.

With the power of new recording products its now possible to create amazing tracks fast and economically allowing your music to be available in a very short period or time. O.S.M is part of the Garnoe Creative Group an international Production and Media Newtwork

MUSICIANS - Drums, Keyboards and Sequencing, Grand Piano, Sax, Electric and Double Bass, Electric and Acoustic Guitars

Services include

* Complete Drum Tracks (Wav or OMF files)
* Keyboards/Sequencers and Piano (Grand)
* Bass Guitar/Double Bass(4, 5 and 6 string)
* Electric and Acoustic Guitars
* Saxophone
* Track Mastering and Editing

O.S.M musicians have worked with a large number of top artists and companies in the business internationally including Guitar Legend Jeff Beck, Joe Lynn Turner, Grammy Winning Producer Tom Bee, A&M Recording artists Holy Soldier, Grammy Nominated Latin artist Micky Cruz, and Juno Award Winner Chester Knight to mention only a few.

Why come to us:
Its simple we have a passion for music and creative results in all mediums of the business. We have experience and attitude second to none and understand the requirements of an artist but are also here to consult and advise during and after a session. Its important to us that you get the best from a session and the best from your product after its completed.
We use some of the best instruments, products and sounds creators on the market Including:

Drums - Remo, Ddrum, Sabian (Various Snare Drums)

Keyboards - Yamaha's Motif XS, Kurzweil K2500 SX

Guitars - Fender, Gibson, Greg Bennett, Alembec, Spector
Basson, Marshall, Crown, Ampeg, Ibanez, TC Electronics.

Mics - AKG, CAD, Shure, Rode.

Interfaces and Computers - M Audio and Presonus,
PC and Mac formats.

Software - Sonar Producer series, Cubase, Nuendo
Sound Forge, Wave Lab etc.

(Other products can be acquired if requested)

Please note due to the artists schedules and commitments its very important to contact us well in advance to book your
O.S.M session player. We suggest at least four weeks prior to your session finalization so as not to be disappointed.
We know how important it is to get your material mixed and edited in good time.

Updated:  November 27, 2009

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