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Dennis Michaels – Bass performer/instructor/clinician
(410) 977-3001

Best known for his ability to put a bass through its paces without pausing for a breath, Michaels has a natural affinity for bass playing... but where nature left off, dedication and exposure take over. Michaels has been honing his skills as a bassist for more than twenty years. In a given week, he has been found anywhere from a posh hotel lobby to a smoky jazz club, at a state fair backing a country talent competition, and in the studio recording blues and adult contemporary demos. Adept at improvisation, he has played progressive originals in clubs and backed a Hebrew choir at a local synagogue, while his reading skills have enabled him to master even the most challenging Broadway show books. His credentials include a stint with the U.S. Army Field Band, recording two albums and touring extensively throughout the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada. "Hired gun" performances over the years have included Bob Hope, Bob Newhart, Clint Holmes, Al Martino , Bobby Rydel, Damien, Fabian, The Coasters, Ronnie Dove and Mike El. Soundtrack and filming credits are his for a jazz club scene in the 1992 Paramount picture, "He Said, She Said." In May of '96, Michaels was called to fill the bass chair when "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" made a stop at the National Theatre in Washington, D.C. His proficiency in the slot made him first call when the show reopened on the road the following September. Cast members gave him a standing ovation when he was introduced during the first rehearsal. That same year, Michaels joined creative forces with noted pianist Kraig Greff on a myriad of noteworthy projects. The duo's premier release, a modern jazz collection titled "Rowhouse Sessions," earned them the headliner slot at Baltimore's Artscape festival and secured their position in the lineup of soundtrack artists for Discovery Channel International, prompting a studio project with percussionist Ron Powell. For the past two years, Michaels has been on tour with the stage show "Les Miserables." His current holiday break was booked when "Fosse" came to town, and his competency at playing a split upright/electric book quickly became indisputable. Although his diverse exposure to the stage and the studio gives Michaels a powerful front-and-center presence, you won't find him out front without an invitation. Destined to join the ranks of his influences, studio legends Duck Dunn, Lee Sklar, David Hungate, Neil Stubenhaus and the like, it is his devotion to the art of bass playing - laying down the ultimate rhythm track - that will undoubtedly draw the attention Michaels deserves. Please, listen for yourself.

Brief list of high points

2008 present concerts with “Four Good Friends” Ed Shockley (drums ,vocals) Kieth Mack Guitar/vocals (Founding member Scandal), Doug James (keys/vocals)
2008-present Clinician for GenzBenz
2008 Summer with “First Class”
2000-present Private Instructor
2007 Reggie Wayne Morris Band
2007 Jaded Angels
2007 Patty Reese Band
2007 Johnny Neel (Allman Brothers Fame)
2006 National tour "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" starring Patrick Cassidy and Amy Adams
2004-current John Coale Trio - Jazz, Funk Fusion Trio
2003- current The Patty Reese Group ( 2005 W.A.M.A. album of the year for "Here and Now")
2003-current Blues Therapy - Blues, R&B classic rock
2005 -Rich Mascari
2003-2004 "Charles Parker Band"
2003-2004 Never Never - Led Zepelin Tribute band
1990-2005 Jim Allison Blues Project
1990-present "Bobby B & Friends"
1990 "Larry Bright"
2003-present Regular performances with "Greg Thompkins Quintet" "Laffeyett Gilcrest" "Kenny Jones and Jaded Angels" and "Tyrone Shuz and his Funky Blues" "Ten Directions"
2004- JC3 - Clinic Trio for "Maryland Drum"
2002- "Fosse" National Theater Washington D.C.
2002 - The "Full Monty" National Theater Washington D.C.
2002- "Mama Mia" National Theater Washington D.C.
2002- "Forever Swing" Lyric Opera House Baltimore Md.
2002-2003 Luthier Bass Instructor Mars Music and Recording Superstore Parkville Md.
1999-2002 National Tour Bassist for "Les Miserables"
1999-2002 Touring Clinician for Mars Music and Recording Superstore
1996-1998- "Gene Donati Orchestra" Washington D.C.
1997- "Ronnie Dove"" Fabian" "Coasters" "Platters"
1996- "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" National Tour
1996 Headlined "Artscape" Baltimore Md to support the release of "Row House Sessions"
1992-1998 Session bassist/composer "Tonal Vision Studios" writing and recording for the "Discovery Channel" 1993-1996 "Gene Donati Orchestra" Washington D.C
1992 "He Said,She Said" Paramount pictures with "Kevin Bacon & Elizibeth Perkins"
1992 "Guy Lombardo Orchestra" President Bill Clinton inaugural ball Washington D.C.
1993 "Tony Bennett" "Clint Holmes" "Bob Hope" "Bob Newhart" "Fabian" "Boots Randalph" "Chris Vadala"

Updated:  November 27, 2009

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