Terrance Jenkins Resume

      Terrance Jenkins

Musician, Writer, Composer, Producer

I have been playing for 16 years with my roots coming from the church. I have played Piano, B3 Hammond Organ, Drums and Bass Guitar. I have been a Minister of Music for a church for 2 years responsible for all music, choirs and praise teams. I have been a Musical Director for a Praise and Worship group responsible for writing lyrics and original music. I have been the Musical Director for a Gospel Stage Play called “You Better Be Glad I am Saved”. I am also a music Producer if you have lyrics or an idea then I can create music to fit your needs. I am also a Wedding Musician that is willing to travel, at this time in my life I want to experience more out of music. I desire to play with a live band and produce more music. If I fit your needs please don't hesitate to contact me

Updated:  December 3, 2009

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