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Hey its Sian here, thats pronounced "Sharn" annoying I know, but blame my parents.


I've played in many productions as a cast member and a band member, so I am rather suited to that environment.   


I have played in two bands, although I have stopped playing with both now due to lack of their enthusiasm.

I've played drums for 8 years now, Violin for 5 years and sung in community theater productions for most of my life. I have currently completed 23 productions in total.

I am a third year university student, undertaking English and History but also Drama and Music.

I am willing to take on any musical challenge as I've participated in musical productions, live band performances, choir performances and orchestra performances.

That's all I can think of at the moment... feel free to ask any questions.


Happy Music Making! :D


Updated:  March 25, 2012

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