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egils straume-yellow">"> Egils Straume was born in Latvia. Latvia was part of the USSR back then.  Egils has always been passionate about music and he studied at, and postgraduated from, the Moscow State Conservatoire.  Since then he has become a well known, if not famous, Jazz musician.  egils straume-sax">"> He has performed in many countries around the world and has composed a lot of music. He has organized the Latvian International Jazz festival and the New Music Forum in Riga. He has worked with many famous jazz musicians David Sanborn, Joe Zawinull ,Michael Brecker.Igor Butman, Grower Washington Jnr ,Jan Garbarek etc.Some of his work is clasified as jazz/fusion although he is far broader than that in his range of styles and compositions. He has composed and performed on over 30 CD’s with different stiles of music and musician ranging from classical concerto to jazz. He is also described as euro-jazz, progressive and experimental.
egils straume-yellow"> color=#666666 face=Garamond>    He is  Author of numerous works including an Opera, six Oratories and Cantatas, seven Instrumental concertos : for Violin, Bassoon, French horn, Clarinet, Oboe, Saxophone alto and Piano Duo, Choral and Vocal cycles. Chamber music, music for children and music for theatre and for films. World Premiere at 10th of July 2004 at Lincoln Cathedral - “ A Shepherd kept a sheep on a Hill so High “ for bagpipes, organ and symphony orchestra. Two recordings exist of his early work and are highly rated by music critics.  Fiesta is a complete album by the Egils Straume Jazz Combo produced in 1977 on a Russian record label (probably Melodiya) and he appears also with the "Egils Straume Trio" on the compilation album "Red Square Groove" put together by Zeljko Kerleta and released on the Cosmic Sounds label.

fiesta by egils straume jazz combo" width=200 height=200>
1. Ekstraversija
2. Koralis
3. 1:07
4. Introversija
5. Fiesta
6. Zoria - Moria
7. Aditi
E. Straume: clarinet, saxophones and acoustic piano
H. Kiops:
K. Rutentals:
electric organ
I. Birkans:
flute, saxophones
U. Stabulnieks:
P. Mierlejs:
G. Rozenbergs:
trumpet, harmonica, flutes, percussion
M. Briezkalns: drums, percussion
 Red Square Groove
Red Square Groove with Egils Straume" width=200 height=200>
1. Ekstraversija (Egils Straume Jazz Combo)

Updated:  December 8, 2009

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