Colin Tippin Resume

      I have been a working musician for most of my life and in that time have toured professionally, appeared on TV & radio, played at festivals and other large venues and have had loads of studio experience.

Along with a fellow director I am in the process of building a mega-site for anyone connected to the music industry called We are putting together a range of tools that we would have wanted when we started in the business 35 years ago.

Phase one is in place. This is a networking facility with all of the usual features and lots of unique practical tools designed to make a musicians life easier, organisational tools and various other time and labor-saving innovations.

Phase two is also in place and works like a dating site - except that it is for matching music business needs. So, this is a perfect advertising space for a bands looking for musicians, a musician looking for a band, a songwriter looking for a lyricist, a band looking for a tour manager, promoter, solicitor, accountant, designer, teacher, students etc.

It uses specially created personal profiling information to achieve this.

Phases three and four are currently being constructed. They will be new, exciting, innovative and ground breaking.

Register on the site to stay informed.

Updated:  December 23, 2010

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